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Kundalini Yoga in the Loop

Early Morning Sadhana
Sunday -  January 10
4:30 am to 7:00 am*

(doors open at 4 am, close at 4:30 am)
"When a person gets up in the morning and does the sadhana, do you know what accompanies that person? All the angels, all saints and sages come to listen. Their souls fly to those places to listen where God is chanted." –Yogi Bhajan

Once each month we offer the experience of early morning sadhana at KYL. We begin at 4:30 am when the rays of the sun are hitting the earth at a 60 degree angle. Why get up at this time? Because this is the time when all of the great spiritual teachers appear to bless, elevate and transform each one of us. There is no charge for early morning sadhana.

4:00 am - Doors to Fine Arts Building (FAB) Open
4:30 am – Japji (meditative prayer)**
4:55 am – Kundalini Yoga Kriya (set of exercises)
5:50 am – Aquarian Sadhana mantras***
6:55 am – Hukam**** and the Long Time Sunshine Song
7:00 am – Yogi Tea and light breakfast snacks! (Bring something to share!)

There is no charge for this early morning sadhana!

* NOTE: The doors to the Fine Arts Building (FAB) open at 4:00 am. Please time your arrival for between 4:00 and 4:15 am. We begin sadhana at 4:30 am. The doors to the FAB are locked again at 4:30 am.

** Japji is a prayer which relates the conscious mind to the soul. ‘Jap’ is often translated as ‘song of’ and ‘-ji’ as ‘the soul.’ As a result, Japji is called the ‘song of the soul.’
*** Yogi Bhajan gave a specific sequence of mantras on June 21, 1992 with instructions to use them for morning sadhana in this particular order: 1) Long Ek Ong Kar, 2) Wah Yantee, Kah Yantee, 3) the Mul Mantra, 4) Sat Siri, Siri Akaal, 5) Rakhe Rakhanahaar, 6 ) Wahe Guru Wahe Jio and 7) the Guru Ram Das chant.
**** A hukam is the divine order of the day
KYL's Theme...
Yoga for Prosperity & Abundance

KYL's Theme for January & February
Shakta is Teaching This Sunday

Yoga for Prosperity & Abundance

Sunday - January 10 - 10:30 am to Noon
In prosperity three things work: security, security, security. Security manifests prosperity. Security manifests the entire manifestation because security is the rule of harmony.” --Yogi Bhajan
Come to KYL during the months of January and February for our annual ‘Yoga for Prosperity and Abundance’ series! Every class during the next two months uses yoga postures, meditations, mantras and the gong to release old habits of scarcity and bring in new habits of prosperity and abundance.

And, you’ll begin to understand why Yogi Bhajan said: “If you do not relate to insecurity, security, which is G.O.D., comes through. And, if you infinitely do NOT relate to insecurity, the infinite security, which is God, shall be right with you.”

So, come raise your self-esteem, eliminate insecurity and negative thoughts and affirm your worthiness to receive through special yoga and meditation classes where you will learn how to:
  • Recognize Prosperity
  • Appreciate and Build Prosperity
  • Use Tithing as a Tool to Receive More
  • Tap Opportunities
  • Use the Power of Blessing, and
  • Go from Misfortune to Good Fortune!

Drop-in to the class of your choice! Or, click here to pre-register.
Winter Class Schedule 2016
Monday 6 pm with Gian Prem
Tuesday No Classes 
Wednesday 12:15 with Sukh Meher
6 pm with Ranbir
Thursday  12:15 pm with Shakta
6 pm with Tej Karam
Friday  No Classes
Saturday*  10:30 to Noon with Raj Nidhan
Sunday  10:30 to Noon with Shakta
(veggie potluck after class)
(Class fee discount of 17% with a 6-Class Pass)
* Saturday classes begin January 30.
           Check website for full Saturday schedule.
In observance of Martin Luther King, Jr. Remembrance Day...
NO CLASSES Monday, January 18
Workshop - Sat Nam Rasayan

A Workshop with Dr. Hari Simran Singh, DC

Transcendent Healing of Sat Nam Rasayan

 Saturday - January 23 - 2 pm to 4 pm
What is Sat Nam Rasayan? To meditate on yourself first, and project yourself for the uplifting healing of the other person. It’s a pure exchange of energy. You learn it. You practice hours and hours and hours. Some need 20 hours, some need 10 hours and some need only one hour to practice.” --Yogi Bhajan
Sat Nam Rasayan means ‘deep relaxation in the True Identity.’ It is an ancient healing art designed to serve humanity. Sat Nam Rasayan both enhances your awareness of your subtle body and expands the capacity of your meditative mind. It opens your compassionate awareness so you can be sensitized and present.

In a special 2-hour workshop with Dr. Yogi, aka Hari Simran Singh Khalsa, you can practice Sat Nam Rasayan with others in a safe and cozy environment at KYL. You will learn:
   -- the nature of surrender,
   -- how to reach a state of pure meditative absorption, and
   -- to open, stabilize and become aware of Sacred Space.

Hari Simran Singh is a Sat Nam Rasaysan healer. He was a faculty member at Life Chiropractic College West and the International Holistic Institute. He has studied and taught Kundalini Yoga and meditation for over 30 years. Currently, he spends his time between his private chiropractic practice on the island of Kauai, Hawaii, and teaching Level 1 and Level 2 Teacher Training programs both on Kauai and the mainland. He is the author of the book, ‘The Hue-Man in Form & Function.’ Hari Simran Singh is also a past Director of 3HO (the Happy, Healthy, Holy Organization).

And, Dr. Yogi’s classes and workshops are always cozy, inspiring and quite amazing! So, join us to experience the unique healing power of Sat Nam Rasayan - $20 in advance / $25 at the door.  Click Here to register.

* Pranic Body – The eighth body in yogic anatomy. Through your breath, the Pranic Body continuously brings the life force energy into your system. If your Eighth Body is weak, you may have constant low-level anxiety or fatigue. Yogis believe that all disease starts with an imbalance in the Pranic Body.
Personal Appointments

Sat Nam Rasayan Healing

One-on-One Appointments

with Hari Simran Singh Khalsa, D.C.

Friday - January 22 - 8:30 am to 3 pm
Sat Nam Rasayan - The ancient healing art of Sat Nam Rasayan is available to you in a private, one-on-one appointment at KYL on Friday, January 22. Sat Nam Rasayan means ‘deep relaxation in the true identity.’ Sat Nam Rasayan works on the subtle level through the projective meditative mind. It allows the healer to access and balance the five elements (earth, water, fire, air and ether) and the pranic body.

Hari Simran Singh - aka Dr Yogi, returns to KYL to once again offer private Sat Nam Rasayan appointments. Born in Chicago where he lived until the age of five Hari Simran Singh has taught Kundalini Yoga and meditation for over 30 years, has directed Teacher Training programs in Berkeley and Santa Rosa, California, Phoenix, Arizona, and Kauai, Hawaii, and served on the Board of Directors of 3HO (Happy, Healthy, Holy Organization). He is the author of the book, ‘The Hue-Man in Form & Function.’

Click Here to view available appointment times (25 minute session, $95).
Prosperity Gong & Mantra
Healing Power of Triple ‘Prosperity’ Gong & Mantra

with Shakta Kaur, Hari Dev Singh and Tej Karam Singh

Friday, January 29 - 6:30 to 8:00 pm
$16 advance / $20 door
Bring a friend and join us for our first ‘Healing Power of Gong and Mantra’ in 2016! This is one of our most popular monthly sessions of gong and mantra—for prosperity! For January we’ve chosen a mantra meditation specifically designed to manifest money in your New Year.

As always, we begin every ‘Healing Power of Triple Gong & Mantra’ session with light Kundalini Yoga to prepare the body for what’s to come (the yoga is appropriate for all levels). Then we move into deep relaxation with not one, not two, but three beautiful Paiste gongs! KYL Teacher Tej Karam Singh brings his gong to join Shakta Kaur and Hari Dev for this very special evening! Your mind will have no defense to the gong after 90 seconds!

After the gong we use sound (mantra) to remind us that the entire universe was built on sound, on vibration. And, as we vibrate a particular combination of sounds, we are able to tune into a different level of intelligence, or, consciousness.

The mantra --
    Har Har Har Har Gobinday,
    Har Har Har Har Mukunday,
    Har Har Har Har Udaaray,
    Har Har Har Har Apaaray,
    Har Har Har Har Hareeung,
    Har Har Har Har Kareeung,
    Har Har Har Har Nirnaamay,
    Har Har Har Har Akaamay

-- fixes the mind to prosperity and power. It contains the eight facets of the Self. And, Har is the original force of Creativity. The four repetitions of Har give power to each facet and provide the power to break down the barriers of the past. The mantra invokes guidance and sustenance; all powers come to serve your true purpose!

So, click here to pre-register and join us for the deep vibrational healing of triple gong and mantra on Friday.
Valentine's Weekend Workshops

The Yoga of Relationship

A Valentine’s Weekend of
Kundalini Yoga, Meditation & the Gong

with Shakta

Moksha Yoga Riverwest
700 N. Carpenter, Chicago IL

February 12, 13, 14
From the yogic perspective our first relationship begins with the soul’s choice to accept this life and our mother and father. The soul itself is without gender. We incarnate between earth and the ethers for particular experiences. Sometimes we incarnate as a man and sometimes as a woman in order to learn specific lessons. Many of those lessons are about our interactions in relationship with others.

Shakta Kaur has created a special series of Valentine’s Weekend workshops uniquely designed to expand your view of ‘relationship.’ Come learn how to:
    -- pre-forgive all your relationships
    -- harmonize the masculine and feminine polarities
    -- heal the wounds of relationship
    -- improve intimacy with yogic teachings, and
    -- practice sacred couples’ meditations.

Our happiness is in large part dependent upon our relationships. Whether you are partnered in a special relationship or not don’t let Valentine’s Weekend go by without improving your practice of The Yoga of Relationship.

All workshops are held at Moksha Yoga Riverwest - please register there:

The Healing Power of Relationship Friday Feb 12 6:30-9:30pm Relationship is a ‘relay.’ We relay our words, our projection and our aura to another person. Relationships give us a sense of who we are. They communicate to others who we are. Yet, sometimes we are challenged by our relationships. This evening come experience the healing power of relationship. We begin with light Kundalini Yoga. Allow the sound of three beautiful Paiste symphonic gongs release blocks, reduce tension and stimulate circulation. Finally, the vibration of our own voices allows us to pre-forgive all past, present and future relationships. Come and heal your relationships! Appropriate for singles, couples, men and women. [all levels, chanting, asana, discussion, gong bath]
The Lunar Woman and Solar Man Saturday Feb 13 10am-1pm Woman’s basic nature is like the moon which waxes and wanes while man’s basic nature is like the sun which is continuous and constant. In this session come experience the power of ancient men’s and women’s teachings on relationships, examine your present attitude toward relationship and receive practical tips from Shakta Kaur on harmonizing the natural polarity between the masculine and feminine in daily life. Included are sacred meditations done with a partner called Venus Kriyas designed to strengthen and complement the lunar and solar qualities of each partner. All levels welcome. Appropriate for singles, couples, men and women. NOTE: Lunch provided for attendees at conclusion of workshop. [all levels, meditation, asana, gong bath]
Sexuality, Intimacy and Pleasure Saturday Feb 13 2:30-5pm The sexual relationship is such an important and valued part of Spirit’s design that in the spiritual world it is called the “throne of creativity.” The physical body is the temple that houses that throne. We take care of the physical with yoga to nurture our spirit and ensure physical vitality. The mind is energy. We regulate it with the breath and meditation to escape beyond time and space. The soul is the projection which we present to our intimate partner and then totally merge within the sexual experience of ecstasy. In this session you’ll also learn the yogi’s ‘roadmap’ for foreplay—one for men and one for women. All levels welcome. Appropriate for singles, couples, men and women. Refreshments (date milk) provided. [all levels, meditation, asana, gong bath]
Healing the Wounds of Love Sunday Feb 14 10am-1pm Love is life! It brings us to life, gives us courage to live our life and inspires us to sacrifice for others. As natural as love is, so, too, are the wounds of love. These wounds come from relationships we form grasping for security, intimacy, support, self-esteem, you name it! To fully live we need to learn how to heal these wounds. Let Kundalini Yoga open you to what is actually present now without the entanglement of the past or the intrusion of future fantasies. Come use the science of sound (naad) to create a dynamic magnetic field with the power to release and resolve any wounds of love. Come open the way to fulfilling and loving relationships from this day forward. All levels welcome. Appropriate for singles, couples, men and women. [all levels, meditation, gong bath]
Partner Yoga with Kundalini Couples Sunday Feb 14 2:30-5:00 pm The word ‘yoga’ comes from the Sanskrit and literally means ‘union.’ The promise of yoga is to unite your finite self with your Infinite self. There’s no better way to enhance that journey than to practice yoga and meditation with your beloved! This afternoon we practice Kundalini Yoga with our partner. We experience sacred couples’ meditations called ‘Venus Kriyas.’ And, we share couples’ yogic foot massage to further augment the feeling of oneness between the two of you. Come share an afternoon of heart-centering yoga practices with your partner or another workshop guest on Valentine’s Day! All levels welcome. Appropriate for singles, couples, men and women.*

* Please bring two small towels (per person) for use during yogic foot massage. [all levels, meditation, gong bath, asana]
Breathwalk Chicago


at KYL - Chicago, Illinois

May 14-15 – Personal Intensive

July 16-17 – Instructor Training
Yogi Bhajan once called Breathwalk, ‘the ultimate fitness program for everyone in the Aquarian Age.’ Breathwalk combines specific patterns of conscious breathing synchronized with your walking steps and enhanced with meditative, directed attention. Breathwalk is about feeling great and ensuring personal wellness. Breathwalk is also about the sense of connection we need to our self, each other and life.

The Personal Intensive, Weekend #1, is specifically designed to rejuvenate you! You’ll learn to synchronize your breath with your footsteps while mentally focusing on primal sounds. We move through several different Breathwalks this weekend to provide stress relief, mental clarity, mood control and anxiety reduction...  guaranteed!

The Instructor Training, Weekend #2 builds upon the first weekend. We focus on understanding the application of all 20 Breathwalk programs, working with diverse populations and learning the skills of teaching Breathwalk to others. For those taking Weekend #2, written and experiential homework is assigned for completion between Weekend #1 and #2.

Who Can Breathwalk - Anyone who loves to walk may Breathwalk! There are no pre-requisites to taking Breathwalk. You do not need to be a yoga teacher. You do not need to be a fitness instructor. Although, many yoga teachers and fitness instructors love sharing Breathwalk with their students, clients, friends & family. If you love to walk, you will love Breathwalking with Shakta! Space is limited. Pre-registration is required.

Click Here to register.
Download brochure.
For more details, click here.
Just For Fun
Our youngest New Year’s Eve reveler was 4-year old Aaron.  He came with his mom to KYL’s ‘Yogic New Year’s Eve.’ And, he thoroughly enjoyed himself during the kriya... as you can see here!
Moon Watch

New Moon - January 9

11 Days After - January 20

Full Moon - January 23

(Above Dates Adjusted for Central Time Zone)
New Moon
The New Moon is when you are at your lowest...energy-wise. It is a good day to fast on lemon and water. Fast from sun-up until the next morning at breakfast, when you "break" the "fast."

Waxing Moon
... is the time between the New Moon and the day before the Full Moon. During this time the energy of the body moves into your higher centers (chakras). This is the time to bring new things, new people or new relationships into your life or to accelerate the progress of your special projects.

11 Days After New Moon
Yogi Bhajan taught that this is the day when you are in balance. The glandular system readjusts itself on this day. Your metabolism is changing, so if you eat very lightly (green foods) or if you live just on water and lemon today, your health will be perfect. Eat very lightly during the day. Eat only one meal and drink lemon and water the rest of the day.

Full Moon
You are naturally accelerated on a full moon. You are at your highest energy level. The secretions in your body will be at their maximum, so you don't want your energy being used to consume food. Save your energy to reconstruct yourself. Try to drink only liquids on this day. If you feel you must eat, drink only milk. (But, don't drink cold milk right out of the refrigerator. Milk should be brought to a boil. Allow the milk to foam up and then bring the heat down so the milk is on a slow boil for 5-10 minutes. While cooking it, you may add a pinch of ground turmeric, a pinch of black pepper, a cinnamon stick, or a few pinches of ginger to reduce any mucous causing side effect.)

Waning Moon
... is the time between the Full Moon and the day before the New Moon. This is the best time to remove things, relationships or situations from your life that no longer serve you. It is not generally thought of as the best time to start a new project.

Yoga Class Schedule  (view online)
Kundalini Classes
Monday 6 pm with Gian Prem
Tuesday No Classes 
Wednesday 12:15 with Sukh Meher
6 pm with Ranbir
Thursday  12:15 pm with Shakta
6 pm with Tej Karam
Friday  No Classes
Saturday  10:30 to Noon with Raj Nidhan*
Sunday  10:30 to Noon with Shakta
(veggie potluck after class)
(Class fee discount of 17% with a 6-Class Pass)
* Saturday classes begin January 30.
Other Events
Year 2016
  • Jan 22  · Sat Nam Rasayan Personal Sessions with Dr. Yogi - Friday by appointment
  • Jan 23  · Sat Nam Rasayan Workshop - Saturday - 2 to 4 pm
  • Jan 29  · Triple Gong & Mantra  - Friday - 6:30 pm
  • Feb 12-14  · Valentine's Workshops with Shakta at Moksha Yoga - details
  • March 4  · Triple Gong & Mantra  - Friday - 6:30 pm
  • April 8  · Triple Gong & Mantra  - Friday - 6:30 pm
  • May 14-15  · Breathwalk Personal Intensive - details
  • July 16-17  · Breathwalk Instructor Training - details
A Thought From Yogi Bhajan
When your soul will be the guiding factor in the sector of your activities, it will always be a prosperous life, it will always be a happy life.