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New KYTT this June - Early Bird Registration Ends May 1st!
Kundalini Yoga Teacher Training

in Crystal Lake, IL

with Shakta Kaur
plus an incredible team of
Visiting Teacher Trainers!

8 Weekends - June 2013 to January 2014
For the first time ever, Shakta is leading a Level 1 Kundalini Yoga Teacher Training course in Crystal Lake, Illinois.   The city of Crystal Lake is over 175 years old (map  Located 45 miles northwest of Chicago, 30 miles south of Lake Geneva, Wisconsin and 60 miles southwest of Milwaukee, Wisconsin.  In February 1836, the first white settlers, Beman and Polly Crandall and six of their ten children, came from New York State traveling to Crystal Lake in a covered wagon)

The Crystal Lake KY Teacher Training course takes place on 8 weekends over 8 months beginning June 7-8-9 at a beautiful private home. There is lodging nearby in homes of fellow classmates available to those who might need to stay overnight during the course!

This program is based on the comprehensive science of Kundalini Yoga as taught by Yogi Bhajan. It is certified by the Kundalini Research Institute (KRI). The course is registered as an RYT-200 with Yoga Alliance (YA).

In this Level 1 Kundalini Yoga Teacher Training course you learn the fundamental principles and practices of Kundalini Yoga. You embark on a tremendous journey of self-growth and personal development as you develop the skills to instruct students in Kundalini Yoga and Meditation should you so choose.

This is a 220 hour course of which 180 are classroom hours of instruction in a well-defined curriculum including:

• Yogic Philosophy & The Origins of Kundalini Yoga • The Chakras
• Sadhana—Daily Spiritual Practice • The Ten Bodies
• Yogic Lifestyle, Diet & Nutrition • The Art of Relaxation
• The Art of Self-Healing • Sound and Mantra
• The Role of a Kundalini Yoga Teacher • The Science of Breath
• Teaching Kundalini Yoga Postures, Kriyas & Meditation • Anatomy & Physiology

Links for more details:   Brochure     Registration Form     Register Online
Time to Say Goodbye...

‘Farewell’ to Tommy Durkin

1930 to 2013
Visitors to KYL’s home in the Fine Arts Building (FAB) enjoy the unique experience of being transported up to the 5th floor on one of the last few ‘man-operated’ elevators in the entire City of Chicago. For close to 60 years, the FAB’s Elevator #1 was the domain of Tommy Durkin.

Tommy came to the United States in 1953 at the age of 16 from his homeland of Ireland. His first and only job in the USA was running Elevator #1 in the Fine Arts Building. Tommy was a gallant figure in the FAB. He created the ‘Notre Dame’ room one level below the lobby where he hosted annual Christmas parties for all of the FAB staff and tenants. His retirement party a few years ago was one of the biggest bashes we’d seen in the FAB in quite some time. Even after retirement Tommy was asked to come back to work one day a week. It just didn’t seem quite the same without Tommy in Elevator #1.

Tommy was just a few days shy of his 83rd birthday when he transitioned last week. There’ve been quite a few tears shed once we realized that Tommy’s welcoming smile and spirit would not return to our midst. But we’re chanting ‘Akaal’ for him to ensure an easy and light transition.*

Thank you Tommy for making KYL’s address in the Fine Arts Building a true ‘home’ for our guests, clients and friends. We will keep you in our prayers and, eventually, we will catch up with you once again!

With love,
   Shakta, Hari Dev and all the warm hearts at KYL.
* ’Akaal’ means ‘that which never dies.' We chanting ‘Akaal’ for the soul each day for 3-17 days after death. With this mantra we encourage the soul to go on to its true home, releasing any attachment to the Earth. ‘Akaal’ may be used by anyone of any tradition. You may chant ‘Akaal’ several times, preferably for 11 minutes. For best results, it is recommended that at least 5 people chant ‘Akaal’ for 31 minutes a day for 17 days, starting on the day of death. If this is not possible or appropriate it is also effective to chant ‘Akaal’ one time. The effectiveness is in the structure of the sound itself, the one-pointedness of those who chant it and the love and compassion with which it is done. Any number of people may chant ‘Akaal,’ including only one.
FAB Closed on Easter Sunday
with Shakta on

Saturday, March 30

10:30 am to 12 noon

The Fine Arts Building (FAB) will be closed

Come join Shakta on Saturday of Easter Weekend to experience Kundalini Yoga and Meditation designed especially to clean the clutter and clear the way to a spring of new beginnings! The ancient holiday ‘Eostre’ celebrated the return of spring. At this time of year it was said that the goddess Eostre gave a rabbit friend the power to lay eggs once a year. The eggs symbolized new life and the rabbit symbolized the power of fertility, abundance and fresh starts!

On Saturday, March 30, come to KYL to clean the clutter and celebrate new beginnings, regeneration and a return to your Source. Click Here to register.
Renew, Recharge, Relax ...
Healing Power of Double Gong & Mantra

with Shakta and Hari Dev
April 5 - Friday - 6:30 pm to 8:00 pm
Bring a friend and join us for one of our most popular monthly sessions of the ‘Healing Power of Double Gong and Mantra!’ As always, we begin every ‘gong and mantra’ session with light Kundalini Yoga to prepare the body for what’s to come (the yoga is appropriate for all levels). Then we move into deep relaxation with not one, but two beautiful Paiste symphonic gongs. Your mind will have no defense to the gong after 90 seconds!

After the gong we use sound (mantra) to remind us that the entire universe was built on sound, on vibration. And, as we vibrate a particular combination of sounds, we are able to tune into a different level of intelligence, or, consciousness.

So, click here to pre-register and join us for the deep vibrational healing of double gong and mantra on Friday April 5 (and Friday, May 3).
Register by March 31 for...
White Tantric Yoga Chicago

Saturday - April 13
8:30 am to 6:00 pm
Just 23 Days Until WTY!

Advance Rate: $160 (by March 31)
Regular Rate: $175 (April 1 and later ...no foolin’!)

Students and Seniors*:  $98 (by March 31) / $108 (April 1+)

Details     Registration Form     Online Registration
“The beauty of White Tantric Yoga is that it is subtle, it is exalting and it works to give you the mastery of life.” --Yogi Bhajan
WHAT IS IT?  White Tantric Yoga® is world-renowned as one of the most powerful and beautiful of all subtle energy practices. It enables you to break through deep subconscious blocks, so that your mind, body, and soul can act together as one. As a path to personal freedom and awareness, it has been said that this practice can bring success to every area of your life.

White Tantric Yoga (WTY) is a day of six to eight meditations practiced with a partner. You sit facing your partner and follow instructions given on DVD by the Mahan Tantric, Yogi Bhajan, and repeated by the course facilitator. Every course is facilitated in person by a representative of the Mahan Tantric.

Each meditation incorporates a yoga posture, mudra (hand position), eye focus (dristi) and mental focus. Sometimes the meditations are accompanied by music. The meditations vary in length from 11 to 31 to 62 minutes. There are ample breaks in between each meditation.

WHAT TO EXPECT.  There are no prerequisites for participating in White Tantric Yoga. Beginners will tune into their internal energies and enjoy a deep and sometimes challenging meditative experience. More advanced meditators will deepen their experience and make new inroads to their spiritual awareness.

The mere act of registering for a White Tantric Course sends an intention--a message to the universe--that you’re looking for a change and that you want to cleanse yourself. Some people have very specific intentions for White Tantric Yoga. They might have an intention of getting rid of “X,” to heal “Y” or to understand “Z.” In the alternative, if you have an unpleasant memory, you can bring that thought and find relief at White Tantric Yoga—you don’t have to go through it over and over again.

WHAT TO WEAR.  Wear loose fitting and comfortable white or light-colored clothing. White combines all the colors and enhances the magnetic field. Bring a white cotton head covering that will stay securely on your head (there will be white head coverings available to purchase at WTY if you forget yours or don’t have one). Wearing a head covering is for your personal growth and upliftment. It also helps keep your positive energy within. Wear shoes that slip on and off easily because White Tantric Yoga is practiced with the feet uncovered.

For more information regarding Chicago's White Tantric Course...
Details     Registration Form     Online Registration

* "Student" please bring a valid high school/college/vocational school ID.  Seniors are 65+ years.  People taking Kundalini Yoga Teacher Training are not eligible for the student rate.
WTY Community
White Tantric Yoga® Bazaar

Do you have what yogis need?
Once again WTY Chicago will have a ‘Bazaar’ area available for vendors! Bazaar tables are granted on a first-come, first-served basis. Per WTY procedures, the Bazaar may only be open at lunch, during the afternoon breaks, and again after WTY concludes. The fee for a six-foot skirted display table is $60 per table. Click Here for more information.
White Tantric Yoga® Community Table

Instead of ‘Goodie Bags’ this year we offer a Community Table where you may leave your materials for attendees to pick up at their choosing. The fee to leave 150 copies of a flier or business card is $20 per item. There is limited space on our six-foot skirted ‘Community Table,’ so, reserve your spot soon!  Click Here for more information.
Kundalini Teacher Support...
White Tantric Yoga®

Guidelines for Teachers

(and for others interested in learning more!)
We have prepared a special set of guidelines for teachers of Kundalini Yoga as taught by Yogi Bhajan® to use in their classes when describing the experience of White Tantric Yoga.

Even if you are not a teacher you may be interested in reading the ‘Guidelines!’

We kept two objectives in mind while preparing these Guidelines. The first is that we desire to expand attendance at White Tantric Yoga (WTY) in Chicago by appealing to meditators from other disciplines. The second is to ensure beginning students are comfortable with the process of WTY so that their experience is enhanced. We also want beginners to be inspired to return to their local Kundalini Yoga classes in the future, too!

If you are a teacher OR if you simply want to learn more about White Tantric Yoga® Chicago Click Here to access the ‘Guidelines.'
WTY Mantras...

Mantra Sheet - 2013
Click Here to see which mantras we will chant at White Tantric Yoga (WTY) Chicago on Saturday, April 13th. (They are probably mantras that you already know!) Mantras marked with an asterisk are the ones we will chant. The remaining mantras will be played as we meditate.
WTY Seva*

Would you help us at WTY Chicago?
If you would like to help prepare our WTY venue to welcome the Midwestern community of yogis to Chicago on Saturday, April 13th, there is plenty to do!

Here are just a few examples:

DAY PRIOR TO WTY (Friday, April 12)
     Set-up of the venue ... stage, altar, bazaar.
     Help transport gear (load/unload) the van.

     Registration Table ...
     Monitor (full or half-day) ...
     Greeters at the Door ...
     Audio Visual ...
     Transportation ...
     And, of course, tear-down of the venue after WTY concludes!

Please send an E-Mail if you’d like to help, wty@shaktakaur.com.
* Seva – is selfless service to others. In yogic tradition seva is service to something greater than yourself without expectation of reward/compensation in return.
KYL's Theme...
Yoga for Prayer and Blessings

KYL's Theme for March and April
Prayer is the most powerful technique to communicate to the unknown. The unknown is both within and without. It does not have the boundaries that our conscious mind creates and depends upon. So, come to KYL in March and April and learn to expand your concept of prayer. Come to communicate prayerfully, to develop a prayerful attitude and to complete the link between your known and unknown.

Many of us have old understandings of prayer. We think we have to sit and beg a distant saint or deity for acknowledgement or to fulfill a need. We were taught to ask or to plead and wish for something rather than communicate, recognize our Infinite nature and confirm our consciousness. We were told we were sinners and we had to redeem ourselves.

But, the Aquarian approach to prayer is different. Prayer is communication. Come to KYL to learn:
  - Prayer is tapping energy from the Unknown part of you.
  - Prayer is cultivated in two powerful ways ... Shakti and Bhakti.*
  - Prayer is the intunement of the mind into the Unknown.
  - Prayer is to create by intention.
  - The four qualities of a prayerful person.
  - Prayer that moves the Divine comes with a full heart and love.
  - Prayer doesn’t give you God; you are already God.

Each class at KYL during the months of March and April focuses on ‘prayer and blessing.’ We hope you will join us! Click Here to view the class schedule, or, simply drop-in to any class, any time!
* Bhakti is devotion, surrender, humility and reverence to your highest and best self. Shakti gives you the courage, energy and strength to face and dispense with fears and projections.
Level 2 Teacher Training - Prince Edward Island
Prince Edward Island, Canada

Level 2 - Vitality & Stress

Housing Fees Reduced!

Housing Venue - McLean House Inn

Class Friday, May 24 - Wednesday, May 29, 2013.
(Arrive Thursday, May 23/Depart Thursday, May 30.)
Reminder: Monday, May 27 is Memorial Day in the USA.

Flyer     More Details     Housing Options

Yogi Bhajan said, “Life is based on two things: no stress and you are together; too much stress, there is nothing expected of you.
Join us on beautiful Prince Edward Island (PEI), Canada, as you explore your vitality and relieve your stress in this unique six-day course! Yogi Bhajan often said we could revitalize ourselves in as little as 15 or 20 minutes.
  • $450 – Prior V&S Graduate
  • $1,099 – KYL Level 1 or Level 2 Alumni
  • $1,199 – IKYTA Members
  • $1,299 – Regular Rate

Come learn to:
  - Recognize the signs and symptoms of stress in ourselves and others.
  - Use small amounts of stress to strengthen the nervous system and develop caliber.
  - Call on positive emotions to handle stress better.
  - Review basic lifestyle habits from the perspective of stress and vitality.
  - Become a spiritual warrior who doesn’t create more stress through worry, drama or fear.
  - Invoke the limitless healing space to bless and uplift yourself and others.

Each day we study with Yogi Bhajan in a DVD class and meditation. In addition we work both individually and in groups, exploring the key concepts and ideas in Vitality & Stress. In addition, we enhance our vitality and rid our body and mind of the effects of stress through kriyas, meditations and other processes.

Our Lead Trainer is Mahan Rishi Singh Khalsa, D.C.
Just For Fun
Shakta Kaur with 5-year old Jap Bir Kaur (Amie) Murray and a new Indian friend - New Delhi, India.
Moon Watch

New Moon - March 11

11 Days After - March 22

Full Moon - March 27

(Above Dates Adjusted for Central Time Zone)
New Moon
The New Moon is when you are at your lowest...energy-wise. It is a good day to fast on lemon and water. Fast from sun-up until the next morning at breakfast, when you "break" the "fast."

Waxing Moon
... is the time between the New Moon and the day before the Full Moon. During this time the energy of the body moves into your higher centers (chakras). This is the time to bring new things, new people or new relationships into your life or to accelerate the progress of your special projects.

11 Days After New Moon
Yogi Bhajan taught that this is the day when you are in balance. The glandular system readjusts itself on this day. Your metabolism is changing, so if you eat very lightly (green foods) or if you live just on water and lemon today, your health will be perfect. Eat very lightly during the day. Eat only one meal and drink lemon and water the rest of the day.

Full Moon
You are naturally accelerated on a full moon. You are at your highest energy level. The secretions in your body will be at their maximum, so you don't want your energy being used to consume food. Save your energy to reconstruct yourself. Try to drink only liquids on this day. If you feel you must eat, drink only milk. (But, don't drink cold milk right out of the refrigerator. Milk should be brought to a boil. Allow the milk to foam up and then bring the heat down so the milk is on a slow boil for 5-10 minutes. While cooking it, you may add a pinch of ground turmeric, a pinch of black pepper, a cinnamon stick, or a few pinches of ginger to reduce any mucous causing side effect.)

Waning Moon
... is the time between the Full Moon and the day before the New Moon. This is the best time to remove things, relationships or situations from your life that no longer serve you. It is not generally thought of as the best time to start a new project.

Yoga Class Schedule  (view online)
Kundalini Classes
  • Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday
12:15-1:00 pm ($12)
6:00-7:00 pm ($14) - not on Friday
  • Sunday
10:30-Noon ($18)
(After Sunday's class join us for a vegetarian potluck.)
(Class fee discount of 17% with a 6-Class Pass)
Other Events
Year 2013
  • April 5  · Gong & Mantra at KYL
    6:30 pm to 8:00 pm
  • May 3  · Gong & Mantra at KYL
    6:30 pm to 8:00 pm
  • May 24 to 29 · Canada (PEI) Level 2 Teacher Training
    "Vitality and Stress"
  • June 7-9 · Crystal Lake, IL - KYTT Teacher Training Level 1
    Level 1 - 8 weekends over 8 months
  • June 28  · Gong & Mantra at KYL
    6:30 pm to 8:00 pm
A Thought From Yogi Bhajan
What do we do when we are in trouble? We start praying. When we are not in trouble, who cares? Our prayers are seasonal; so are our moods, so is our temperament, so is our life. But in this human life—which averages these days sixty-five to seventy-five years—prayer is the power. One who can do the prayer can become very powerful, because prayer makes all the elements serve that person. All elements, gifts will come to that person and whosoever will give to that person will be gifted a hundred-fold, a thousand fold. That is the beauty of it.