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Fall Equinox Gong & Mantra...
Healing Power of Double Gong & Mantra

with Shakta Kaur and Hari Dev Singh

Celebrating the Power of Balance
on the Fall Equinox

Friday, September 21 - 6:30 to 8:00 pm
(Also on Oct 26)
This is the time of year where light and dark are balanced in the equal length of day and night, on the Autumnal Equinox. It is a time of lingering in the fullness of summer’s manifestation even as we prepare to turn inward.

As the Fall Equinox weekend begins, come join Shakta and Hari Dev in a very special ‘Healing Power of Double Gong & Mantra’ session and create a dynamic balance between the outer and inner--between the light and dark--with equanimity.

We will reflect on the seeds that we planted last spring. We will assess how they manifested in our personal fall harvest. Using Kundalini Yoga, Meditation and not one, but, two beautiful Paiste gongs we will celebrate this turning point in the seasons and in our lives. As our energy peaks and flows, finally coming to balance, we will send it outward where balance is needed most. We will find that the power of balance is found in our hearts, in our dreams and in our souls! Click Here to register ($15 in advance / $17 at the door).
Yoga for Vision...
KYL's September / October Theme

 Yoga for Vision

To See Your Goal and Keep it in Your Consciousness
Are you feeling a need to ...
   -- Access a whole new level of intuition and wisdom?
   -- Find new solutions to old problems?
   -- Manifest a previously unimagined goal?
   -- Tap into your own creativity and source of your vision?

If so, then come to KYL during the months of September and October for ‘Yoga for Vision--to See Your Goal and Keep it in Your Consciousness.’ Your ‘vision’ is related to your ‘intention’ but it is what comes before intention. It is a grasp of the direction your creativity wishes to take you.

We are often taught that we need to have ‘vision’ first, ‘intention’ second and ‘creativity’ as the third element that infuses ‘intention’ with our Shakti, with our life force. The creative force manifests as the feminine. Vision is the approach of the masculine offering to take creativity into form.*

But, unorganized creativity, inspiration and a little bit of chaos has to come first! We have to become comfortable with holding the space for all possibilities. Then the vision, intention and organization follow naturally and without effort ... so long as our need for control can be relinquished!

Your ‘vision’ may not always make intellectual sense. It may feel more intuitive, but, it will always seem right. The moment you trust your consciousness, your intuition bill become handy, opportunities will come to you and you will be boundless.

How to keep that vision in your consciousness is the next step. Come to KYL during September and October to learn a new set of guiding forces and principles as you re-‘vision’ your future! Click Here to pre-register for classes.
* Special thanks to Lena Stevens for these ideas!
Rebirthing...  This Saturday - Fall Equinox!

Unload the Pain of Perpetual Memories
and Release the Garbage!

Two More Saturdays in September with Shakta
10:30 am to 12 noon

Fall Equinox Sept. 22
Full Moon September 29

“The idea of rebirthing is to release the subconscious, the storehouse of misery.”
–Yogi Bhajan

We all have memories, we all have fears. But, we act as if they are permanent. We forget that they are transient ... the memories, fears and disappointments. They can float. We can release them. We can feel light and free. But, you have to do a little bit of work first—a little housecleaning if you will—so that any insecurity, anger or depression can be removed.

For three Saturdays in a row Shakta will share Kundalini Yoga and Meditation especially designed to release your subconscious and clear your storehouse of memory. So, come to KYL to unload the memories, release the garbage and get rid of any painful memories... once and for all. Click Here to pre-register.

Sadhana Suggestion...
11-Day Meditation with Shakta

Shabd Hazaray
Last month Shakta began an 11-day sadhana of Shabd Hazaray to ‘Heal the Wounds of Love’ on August 27th. Why not practice it yourself?   Click Here for a copy of the words and transliteration of Shabd Hazaray.  Call KYL to purchase a copy of the CD, ‘Healing the Wounds of Love,’ or click the next link to download a copy of the mantra (47-minute version) to support you in this 11-day practice: http://www.spiritvoyage.com/mp3download/Healing-the-Wounds-of-Love/Guru-Raj-Kaur/ALB-004031.aspx.
Shakta Teaching at...
Yoga, Sex, Feminism
Shakta is Teaching at the "Yoga, Sex and Feminism" Conference

Dallas, Texas - November 1-4, 2012

more details      view Shakta's workshops
Come join Shakta and 21 other teachers from a variety of lineages at the first-ever ‘Yoga, Sex & Feminism’ TantraVinyasa Conference in Dallas, Texas, Nov. 1-4. This is a landmark event where the topics include relationships, unconditional love, intimacy, sexuality and walking in grace. Special workshops focus on the needs of transgender and gender non-conforming yogis, too!

Shakta is teaching a ‘Lunar Woman, Solar Man and Relationships’ Personal Intensive from 8 am to 12 noon on Thursday, Nov. 1st. Then she’ll teach one workshop each day, Friday through Sunday including ‘The Invincible Woman’ on Friday, Nov. 2; ‘Sacred Sexual Bliss’ on Saturday, Nov. 3; and ‘Sexuality, Intimacy and Pleasure with Kundalini Yoga, Meditation and the Gong’ on Sunday, Nov. 4.

Come join Shakta and the very special group of teachers and yogis who will gather together in Dallas the first weekend of November! Call 800-599-YOGA to learn more about the conference and to pre-register.
Do You Live Near Dallas?
Shakta needs an assistant at the
Yoga, Sex & Feminism Conference
in Dallas, Texas - Nov. 1-4
If you live in or around the Dallas, Texas, area and can assist Shakta at any/all of her classes on Nov. 1, 2, 3 and/or 4 at the Yoga, Sex & Feminism Conference please e-mail info@ShaktaKaur.com. Shakta would like to speak with you about all the details. As Shakta’s assistant you will receive free admission to the Yoga, Sex & Feminism conference on the day you assist! That means after helping with Shakta’s morning class you will be able to participate in other yoga or meditation classes of your choice (dependent upon space availability)!
Breathwalk Training...

® Level 2 'Instructor'
Chicago, USA - December 1 & 2

If you have already taken the Breathwalk Personal Intensive why not come and participate in the Instructor Training?

$575 tuition fee (includes all materials)

Weekend #2 – Instructor Training
- December 1-2, 2012
You will enjoy two days of camaraderie with a group of fellow walking enthusiasts. You will learn how others have used Breathwalk to improve the lives of the people in their communities. And, you will see why we think Chicago is always fun during the first week of December!  Call 312-922-4699 or Click Here to pre-register online.
Course Venue Class Times
Kundalini Yoga in the Loop
(and along the lakefront)
410 S Michigan Ave Suite 501
Chicago, IL  60605
Saturday - Dec 1 8 am to 6 pm
Sunday - Dec 2 8 am to 6 pm


Level 2 Teacher Training - Prince Edward Island
Prince Edward Island, Canada

Level 2 - Vitality & Stress

DATE CHANGE - Late May 2013!
Additional details to come!

Flyer     More Details     Housing Options

Yogi Bhajan said, “Life is based on two things: no stress and you are together; too much stress, there is nothing expected of you.
Join us on beautiful Prince Edward Island (PEI), Canada, as you explore your vitality and relieve your stress in this unique six-day course! Yogi Bhajan often said we could revitalize ourselves in as little as 15 or 20 minutes.
  • $450 – Prior V&S Graduate
  • $1,099 – KYL Level 1 or Level 2 Alumni
  • $1,199 – IKYTA Members
  • $1,299 – Regular Rate

Come learn to:
  - Recognize the signs and symptoms of stress in ourselves and others.
  - Use small amounts of stress to strengthen the nervous system and develop caliber.
  - Call on positive emotions to handle stress better.
  - Review basic lifestyle habits from the perspective of stress and vitality.
  - Become a spiritual warrior who doesn’t create more stress through worry, drama or fear.
  - Invoke the limitless healing space to bless and uplift yourself and others.

Each day we study with Yogi Bhajan in a DVD class and meditation. In addition we work both individually and in groups, exploring the key concepts and ideas in Vitality & Stress. In addition, we enhance our vitality and rid our body and mind of the effects of stress through kriyas, meditations and other processes.

Our Lead Trainer is Mahan Rishi Singh Khalsa, D.C. Our course Location is Shaw’s Hotel, Canada’s Oldest Family-Operated Inn (99 Apple Tree Road, Brackley Beach, PEI, Canada).
Level 1 Kundalini Yoga Teacher Trainings in Chicago & Canada
The Art & Science of Improving Yourself

Our 11th Level 1 course!
10 Weekends Over Nine Months
October through June

Chicago, IL USA

Begins October 26, 2012 - 10 Weekends over 9 Months
Brochure     Registration Form     Devi Scholarship

Tuition $3,100 - $500 Down Payment - Installment Plans Available

At first you might be attracted to Kundalini Yoga for the more obvious reasons like:
-- increasing your strength and improving your flexibility,
-- reducing your stress and learning to relax,
-- learning proper breathing or even
-- for health problems.

But, over time the attraction to this technology increases as you experience:
-- a feeling of connection and vastness,
-- a clarity and neutrality of mind,
-- a calmness and evenness in your life and
-- fulfillment as a spiritual being.

Taking the personal journey we call ‘Teacher Training’ is truly a gift to yourself. This course is based on the comprehensive science of Kundalini Yoga as taught by Yogi Bhajan®. It is a journey in the art and science of improving yourself based upon excellence and exaltation. Come learn to elevate your own consciousness. You will also develop the skills necessary to teach Kundalini Yoga and Meditation publicly as a consciousness educator (if you so choose).

Kundalini Yoga is called a sacred science. This is because the sacredness of the student is awakened through it. Come respond to the call of your soul and the Infinite and join us the last weekend of October. Partial scholarships are available (application deadline Sept. 1st).

Prince Edward Island, Canada - Begins Spring 2013

  Brochure     Registration Form     Details

Course Dates
     Session 1: April 29 to May 9, 2013 (arrive 4/28, depart 5/10)
     Session 2: Sept 24 to Oct 4, 2013 (Arrive 9/23, Depart 10/5)

Registration is now open!
     $2,900 (enroll by Feb 28; pay-in-full by April 29)*
     $3,200 (enroll by Feb 28; make 7 payments)*
     Reserve your place with a $500 down payment!

Level 1 in Prince Edward Island (PEI) begins in the spring of 2013! Eleven days in the spring and eleven days in the fall with conference calls every month in between (plus a final conference call in November). This is an ideal way to immerse yourself in the teachings while having plenty of time to integrate what you’ve learned once you’ve gotten back into your regular routine at home.

It has been one year since the graduation of the first-ever class of Level 1 Kundalini Yoga Teachers in the Maritimes. And, we have received many requests in this past year for dates for the next 220-hour Level 1 Aquarian Teacher Training course on Prince Edward Island. Click Here to see images from the 2009-2010 Level 1 course.

So, we are happy to announce that the second Level 1 Kundalini Yoga Teacher Training course led by Shakta Kaur on beautiful Prince Edward Island (PEI), Canada is now available for registration! Click Here for the brochure.

Come experience the teachings of Yogi Bhajan in an environment loved by many as a destination location. You will reside with other teachers-in-training in resort-quality accommodations** and have access to scenic landscapes, beaches and an environment that will soothe your soul. Organic, vegetarian meals will be prepared on-site for us every day by our own chef, too!

* US funds or checks drawn on US banks only.
** Accommodations and meals are a separate fee depending upon room choice. See Registration Form for details.
Tuesday - October 2

“How to Start Teaching Kundalini Yoga in Your Community”

A Community Conversation with Shakta Kaur, Chicago
Date: Tuesday, October 2nd

Time: 4:30 pm Pacific Time, 5:30 pm Mountain Time, 6:30 pm Central Time, 7:30 pm Eastern Time

This teleconference is FREE! Email 3HOIKYTA@gmail.com to register.

Download details.
Class Fee Increase at KYL
Fee Increase
Effective Oct. 1

(We have inceased fees just one other time in the past 9 years.)
Old Rate New Rate
45 min $11 $12
60 min $13 $14
90 min $17 $18
Monthly Pass $140 $145
As always, purchase five classes in advance and you’ll receive the sixth class free! That’s a 17% discount! Plus, when you purchase a Six Class Pass on or before September 30th we’ll honor the current lower rates for a full 120 days from the date of purchase.
Recording Available
Healing the Wounds of Love

recording with Shakta

If you missed the live conference call ‘Healing the Wounds of Love’ with Shakta you may now listen to the recording ... whenever it is most convenient for you!

On the call Shakta shared that we all have old wounds of love. Some exist from childhood. Some exist from friendships, lovers or spouses. All of these wounds of love enable our hidden agendas--our ‘masks’--and hide our authenticity.

Shakta shared a technique to help us establish a new story for our relationships--our soul’s story. We also learned why when you do certain things like jappa*, meditation and yoga we take charge and change our internal story.

Plus, Shakta guided us in a meditation to invoke our authentic self to heal. (You’ll need a piece of paper and a pencil or a pen for this part of the call.) We also learned about the perfect longing, love and fulfillment between a son and his father—Guru Arjan Dev and Guru Ram Das—that was recorded in the mantra prayer Shabd Hazaray.**

So, listen in on the call and learn how to move forward with the tool of the naad*** to eliminate and take old wounds of love out of your life—once and for all!
* Jappa – Literally, ‘to repeat.’ It is the conscious, alert and precise repetition of a mantra.
** Shabd Hazaray – An extended mantra. The son of Guru Ram Das--Guru Arjan Dev--wrote four letters to his father during a time when they were separated from each other. The pain and longing that Guru Arjan Dev went through during this separation were expressed selflessly and personally in his letters. These four letters of Guru Arjan’s became part of Shabd Hazaray.
*** --Naad- Literally, ‘Na’ = from nothing; ‘-aad’ = primal; i.e., primal, rhythmic sound.
Moon Watch

New Moon - September 15

11 Days After - September 26

Full Moon - September 29

(Above Dates Adjusted for Central Time Zone)
New Moon
The New Moon is when you are at your lowest...energy-wise. It is a good day to fast on lemon and water. Fast from sun-up until the next morning at breakfast, when you "break" the "fast."

Waxing Moon
... is the time between the New Moon and the day before the Full Moon. During this time the energy of the body moves into your higher centers (chakras). This is the time to bring new things, new people or new relationships into your life or to accelerate the progress of your special projects.

11 Days After New Moon
Yogi Bhajan taught that this is the day when you are in balance. The glandular system readjusts itself on this day. Your metabolism is changing, so if you eat very lightly (green foods) or if you live just on water and lemon today, your health will be perfect. Eat very lightly during the day. Eat only one meal and drink lemon and water the rest of the day.

Full Moon
You are naturally accelerated on a full moon. You are at your highest energy level. The secretions in your body will be at their maximum, so you don't want your energy being used to consume food. Save your energy to reconstruct yourself. Try to drink only liquids on this day. If you feel you must eat, drink only milk. (But, don't drink cold milk right out of the refrigerator. Milk should be brought to a boil. Allow the milk to foam up and then bring the heat down so the milk is on a slow boil for 5-10 minutes. While cooking it, you may add a pinch of ground turmeric, a pinch of black pepper, a cinnamon stick, or a few pinches of ginger to reduce any mucous causing side effect.)

Waning Moon
... is the time between the Full Moon and the day before the New Moon. This is the best time to remove things, relationships or situations from your life that no longer serve you. It is not generally thought of as the best time to start a new project.

Yoga Class Schedule  (view online)
Kundalini Classes
  • Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday
12:15-1:00 pm ($11) - not on Tuesday
6:00-7:00 pm ($13) - not on Friday
  • Saturday
10:30-Noon ($17) 'Rebirthing' with Shakta - Sept. 22, 29 only
  • Sunday
10:30-Noon ($17)
(After Sunday's class join us for a vegetarian potluck!)
Other Events
Year 2012
  • Oct. 26, 2012 · Chicago Level 1 Teacher Training
    10 weekends over 9 months.
  • Dec 1-2 · Chicago Breathwalk 'Instructor' Training - Weekend #2

Year 2013
  • April 29 to May 9 · Canada (PEI) Level 1 Teacher Training
    First 11-Day Session (Second session in Fall 2013, dates TBA)
  • Late May (TBD) · Canada (PEI) Level 2 Teacher Training
    "Vitality and Stress"
A Thought From Yogi Bhajan
You store, contain, maintain, and keep a lot of junk in your subconscious. Well, we are going to get rid of it.