Yogic Endurance

Posture: Sit down calmly and quietly in a cross-legged position.

Eye Focus: Close your eyes and see through your eyelids, using them as a screen to watch the dramas.

Meditation: Go inward, within your heart center. Meditate deeply. Nothing should move. Continue for 7 minutes.

Then do Breath of Fire for 2 minutes.

Then form an “o”with the mouth and breathe very long and deep through it for 2 minutes.

Total time is 11 minutes.

End: Inhale deeply, hold, and tighten your muscles. Exhale. Inhale again and hold this precious breath. Slowly relax.

Comments: Compare your stamina from when you started and your stamina now. See how your life is nothing but stamina. Your knowledge, body, mind, and spirit are of no use if you do not have a hold on your stamina, yogic endurance. People who cannot endure cannot cure their bad habits. God is infinite, you are infinite — but you deal with God through limited endurance. Endure emotions, commotions and feelings — you will walk out of it. Slowly and gradually this will give you self-mastery, and that is life.