(Radiance and Victory, p. 75)

Center yourself with three deep inhalations and exhalations (or by chanting Ong Namo Guru Dev Namo).

Posture: Sit in any meditative posture, i.e., Easy Pose or in a chair with a straight spine with a light neck lock (Jalandhar Bandh). 

Focus: Focus on the tip of the nose.

Breath: Not specified.

Mantra: Chant out loud: Har Har Har Har.

Then whisper: Har Har Har Har.

(“Har” is the Creative aspect of the Infinite.)

Mudra: Make fists, thumbs inside, with your thumbs touching the base of the little finger (Mercury mound). Place your fists in front of your chest, facing down with your knuckles facing each other about 1” apart. Arms and wrists are straight and parallel to the ground.

Time: 31 minutes.

End: Inhale deeply, hold your breath for 5 to 10 seconds and relax.

Comments: Several people have reported vast improvement in their incomes after doing this meditation. For example, Dr. Guruchander Singh Khalsa states, ”This meditation is a gift from God. It works! I have practiced this meditation three times in my life for 40 days and each time I tripled my income! (as quoted in “Prosperity Paths,”; Guru Roop Kaur Khalsa, Ed., #3, Feb. 1994, p. 2.)