(K.R.I. Level One Teacher Training Manual, p. 277)

Posture:  Sit in Easy Pose with a straight spine.  Be sure to push the lower spine in.

Focus:  The eyes are closed 9/10th.

Mantra:  Chant the “Mool Mantra” using the entire breath:  Ek Ong Kar, Sat Nam, Kartaa Purkah, Nirbao Nirvair, Akaal Moorat, Ajoonee, Saibang, Gur Prasaad, Jap.  Aad Sach, Jugaad Sach, Haibee Sach, Nanaka Hosee Bhee Sach.

Mudra:  Place both hands behind the lower back with the arms relaxed and the elbows slightly bent.   Interlace the fingers.   Hold the hands locked behind the back in a relaxed manner.  The palms will face up.  The weight of the hands will pull the shoulders straight.

Breath:  Inhale deeply and exhale completely as the mantra is chanted

End:  Inhale, exhale and then relax.

Comments:  In this meditation you sit like a criminal with hands tied back.  Offer no resistance.  Put your body straight and then when you chant theMool Mantra the divinity, the grace, the God’s hand shall uplift you.  (Taught by Yogi Bhajan on 5/20/80.)