Meditation for Sensory Communication

Yogi Bhajan, August 22, 2000, Espanola, NM

“A sensory man is a competent man. To control his life, his surroundings, his universe, is his infinity.”

  1. Sit in Easy Pose. Eyes are closed.

  1. Raise your hands over your head by your ears. Make a fist by placing the thumbs on the Mercury mound (mound under the pinkie finger) and closing the fingers over them. Squeeze the fingers.

  1. Play “Adi Shakti, Adi Shakti, Adi Shakti, Namo, Namo,” by Gurudass Kaur. To the rhythm of the music, squeeze the thumb and open the fist a little less than half way. Squeeze the heavens into you. Continue for 31 Minutes.

  1. Inhale. Inhale deep. Stretch your arms, stretch your spine. Relax

“What you are learning now – this will be very helpful, if you practice. It will give you some kind of self control … actually, what I have been trying to do for 33 years, secretly, without telling you … I want to create that consolidated solid person. That one who among millions will survive and lead the way. That was my purpose in coming. To create a teacher of tomorrow. To create a teacher of the Age of Aquarius.”