(Self-Experience, p. 31)

Posture: Sit in easy pose or in a chair with your spine straight.

Focus: Eyes will naturally close.

Breath: Will come naturally.


Chattar Chakkar Vartee, Chattar Chakkar Bhugatay

Suyambhav Subhang, Sarab Daa Sarab Jugatay

Dukaalang Pranaasee, Dayaalang Saroopay

Sadaa Ang Sangay, Abhangang Bibhootay  

Mudra: Bend your elbows so that the upper arms are alongside your ribcage and your elbows rest against the lower ribs. Your forearms point upward. The palms are flat and face the heavens. The fingers are firm. Move your forearms in small inward circles keeping the palms flat and facing upwards. Move from the elbow but keep the elbows resting on the lower ribs. As you move your eyes will close automatically.

Chant along with the mantra. Chant using the tip of your tongue against your upper palate. This will affect your thalamus and hypothalamus.

Time: 11-18 minutes.

End: Inhale deeply, suspend your breath for 10-15 seconds, while making your inward circles as fast as you can (3 times per second) and exhale. Repeat this sequence two more times.

Comments:Once the thalamus and hypothalamus shall move, you shall have a different world to love in. You will enter a different horizon.”

These are the last four lines of Guru Gobind Singh’s Jaap Sahib. This mantra removes fear, anxiety, depression and phobias and brings victory. It instills courage and fearlessness into the fiber of the person.

The words mean, “Thou are pervading in all the four directions, the Enjoyer in all the four directions. Thou art self-illumined and united with all. Destroyer of bad times, embodiment of mercy, Thou art ever within us. Thou are the everlasting giver of undestroyable power.

This is the most sacred and secret kriya in all yoga.

Out of it was born Buddhism, Hinduism,

Kabballah, and all mysticism.”

--Yogi Bhajan