MEDITATION (Celestial Communication) — 

RA RA RA RA MA MA MA MA (Mantras in Motion, Gurudass Kaur)

Posture: Sit in rock pose facing your partner. 

Focus: The eyes are open, gazing at your partner (or, gazing at your partner’s third eye point).

Breath: The breath will come naturally.

Mantra: Ra Ra Ra Ra

Ma Ma Ma Ma

RaMa RaMa RaMa RaMa

Sa Ta Na Ma.

Mudra: Take your partner’s hands. On Ra Ra Ra Ra push your left hand forward and your partner’s right hand back. Simultaneously, your right hand goes back and your partner’s left hand goes forward.

On Ma Ma Ma Ma bring your left hand (and your partner’s right hand up) while simultaneously bringing your right hand down (and your partner’s left hand down).

On RaMa cross your right wrist over your left wrist in front of your body while simultaneously crossing your partner’s left wrist over his/her right wrist. On the second RaMa swing your clasped arms open. On the third RaMa again cross wrists (this time your left over right) and on the fourth RaMa again swing your clasped arms open.

On Sa touch the sides of the hands next to the Jupiter fingers (the sides of your hands just above the thumbs) in front of your body and Ta touch the same area above your head. Repeat the movements on Na and Ma.

Time: 7 minutes or longer.

End: Inhale deeply, suspend your breath for 5-10 seconds, exhale and relax.

Comments: Ra Ma (sun/moon) is the balance of the play of polarity that brings you to a place of neutrality and wisdom. Sa Ta Na Ma is the continuous cycle of infinity, birth, death and rebirth. The mantra helps you keep a balance in the play of life to exalt the true You in you that is beyond all polarity and duality. The movements may be done either alone or in couples to express this continuous play, or, ‘leela,’ of life that swings us out and in, up and down, inside and outside and all around.