(The Art, Science & Application of Kundalini Yoga, Nirvair Singh Khalsa,p. 172.)  

Posture: Sitting calmly in any comfortable position, i.e., Easy Pose or in a chair with a straight spine with a light neck lock (Jalandhar Bandh). 

Focus: The eyes are closed, looking upwards into the third eye point.

Breath: The breath will come naturally.

Mantra: Har Haray Haree, Wahay Guru (translated as “The Creative aspect of God, God projected out, God in Action, WOW! The indescribable joy of going from the darkness to the light.)

In a soft monotone, recite out loud each of the sounds at each Chakra starting at the navel point and working up to the crown of the head. Chant “Har” and concentrate mentally at the belly button. Chant “Haray” and concentrate mentally at the heart center (sternum). Chant “Haree” and concentrate mentally at your throat center. Chant “Wahay” and concentrate mentally at your brow center (mid-point between your eyebrows). Chant “Guru” and mentally concentrate at the top center of the head.

Mudra: Your hands can be folded in your lap or in Gyan Mudra.

Time: 3 to 31 minutes.

End: Inhale deeply and stretch the arms overhead. Then shake the hands vigorously.

Comments: Yogi Bhajan has given this meditation as an antidote to stress. The ‘r’ in the first three words of the mantra almost sounds like a ‘d.’ You flick your tongue up to the roof of the mouth. This is also true of the sound ‘r’ in Guru.