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Posture: Sit in easy pose or in a chair with a straight spine with a light neck lock (Jalandhar Bandh). 

Focus: The eyes are closed.


Ajai Alai Unconquerable, Deathless

Abhai Abai Fearless, Sinless

Abhoo Ajoo Birthless, Free from the Cycle of Birth and Death

Anaas Akaas Indestructible, Omnipresent

Agunj Abunj Unbreakable, Indestructible

Aluck Abhuck Incomprehensible, In need of no sustenance

Akaal Dayaal Immortal, Merciful

Alake Abhake Countless, Garbless

Anaam Akaam Nameless, Desireless

Agaahaa Adhaahaa Bottomless, Endless

Anaatay Paramaatay Masterless, Supreme

Ajonee Amonee Without birth or death, the Speaker in all Beings

Naraagay Narangay Without attachment, Without color

Naroopay Naraykay Without form, Without destiny

Akaramang Abharamang Without deed, Without superstition

Aganjah Alaykhay Imperishable, Indeterminable.

Mudra: Place the hands, palms up, in front of the diaphragm with the left wrist underneath the right wrist.

Time: Continue for 62 minutes.

End: Inhale very deeply, exhale. Inhale again very deeply, expand your shoulders as well as your chest. Exhale. Inhale deeply again, expanding your body and relax.

Comments: Ajai Alai (Ik Acharee Chand) is a uni-mantra, i.e., one that mega-multiplies. Chant exactly as you would if being recorded. If you don’t have a CD with the music, chant the words rhythmically.

Yogi Bhajan taught this meditation on October 4, 2001. He said, “There are certain principles of life which have to be learned. To have the strength to live those principles, try this kriya.”