Meditation to Adjust Your Magnetic Field after an Earthquake
Source:  Survival Kit.

Posture:  Easy Pose or sit in a chair with both feet flat on the floor.

Mantra:  Sa Ta Na Ma in the Kirtan Kriya melody.

Meaning of Mantra:  Sa = Infinity; Ta = Birth; Na = Death; Ma = Re-birth.

Mudra:  Slightly cup your left hand and hold it over your left ear.  Hold the left arm up in front of you so that the upper arm is parallel to the ground. 

Extend your right arm straight out to your side.  Bend it so that your fist is by your ear with the hand in conch mudra (fingers closed down into the palm simulating the look of a conch shell).  (See drawing in ‘Survival Kit’ manual.)

Eye Focus:  Tip of the nose.

Time:  11-31 minutes.

Comments:  The magnetic relationship of the 2 hemispheres of the brain is readjusted with this meditation.