(Fountain of Youth, pp. 8-9; taught by Yogi Bhajan on June 30, 1986.)

When Yogi Bhajan originally taught this set he had the class start with a quick warm-up of 2 rounds of Har Aerobic Kriya (aka Kriya to Build Stamina & Spark the Glandular System).

  1. Stand Up. Arms are wrapped around the chest crossing in the front. Hands are hugging the back, just under the rib cage. Hold the rib cage as tight as you can. Begin jumping slightly as the legs are lifted alternately in front of the body, as if dancing and kicking the legs forward. 3.5 minutes.

This is called walking the miracle mile. 

  1. Same Basic Exercise as Above. However, after kicking first one leg and then the other you will bend forward and touch your toes. Then pop back up and kick your legs forward again. Continue alternating both movements. 2 minutes.

  1. Sitting on Your Heels. Clasp your hands together and rest them on the top of your head. Rotate your torso around in a circle, moving from the waist.

This will release toxins from your cells that can eventually block your blood flow.

  1. Still Sitting on Your Heels. Press the palms of your hands just under the cheekbones and lift. It will be the venus mound of your palm pressing up under the cheekbones and should be enough pressure to prevent any speech. Inhale through pursed lips, take deep drinks of air and exhale powerfully through the nose. 2 minutes.

  1. Easy Pose. Using the same breath pattern as in #4, place your hands on the knees and bend at the waist from side to side. Inhale deeply on one side and exhale deeply on the other side. 2 minutes.

  1. Deep Relaxation. Lie down flat on your back with your arms by your side and go to sleep for one hour. Play the music of Rakhay Rakhanahaar. 1 hour.

The music has 8 beats like your heartbeat. You must be able to hypnotize yourself into going to sleep. Relax and let yourself go

Note from Yogi Bhajan: A yogi must be in control of their sleep and should be able to turn on the sleep button at any time. It is called self-hypnosis.