(Reaching Me in Me, p. 6; Taught by Yogi Bhajan on January 30, 1986.)

  1. Stretch Your Legs Straight Out in Front. Grab your toes (shins, knee caps, thighs  –  whatever you can ready) and stretch the spine forward. Inhale and tilt the head up, stretching the back of your neck. Exhale and bring your chin to your chest. Maintain the stretch in the spine. Continue to move your head with the breath, being careful not to compress the vertebrae of the neck. Breathe in and out fast and powerfully. 1 ½ minutes.

  1. Lie Down on Your Back. Begin Breath of Fire and dance your body. Move any way you wish, but don’t raise any part of your body off the floor. No part should be stable, all parts should move. It’s a physically violent reaction to get rid of internal violences in a controlled fashion. It’s “you against you.” Take all the pain out, don’t hold anything in. 3 ½ minutes.

  1. Relax on Your Back. Go to sleep. Listen to the tape of the gong meditation played by Yogi Bhajan for this class. Bring your strength to your toes and go with the gong. The three rhythms of the gong will work on the glandular system. If you give yourself a good chance, it will work on the pineal gland. 11 minutes.

In order to receive the benefits of this set, it is required that you meditate to the gong meditation played by Yogi Bhajan in this class. 

  1. Move feet and hands, wake yourself up.

  1. Easy Pose. Chant “God and Me, Me and God, Are One” meditatively going from chakra to chakra. 15 minutes.

  1. Inhale, Hold Your Breath 20-30 Seconds. Stretch your body. Exhale. Inhale and move your body all around, stimulating your energy. 30 seconds. Exhale and relax.