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Testimonials About White Tantric Yoga®

Sat Nam, Tantric was a good experience for me. I put it off so long because it seemed like such a challenging thing to do with so many other types of challenges in my life. Physically I found it difficult to hold the postures for 62 minutes, but mentally I felt very solid. It was helpful to have a serious and strong partner like Julianne. I would like to do it again and am hoping to swing at least a few days in New Mexico for Solstice. Tantric is like climbing a mountain in the mind, it is at times challenging, but the reward is the lingering feeling of strength, personal power, and sweet triumph. Thank you.
 S.C. Chicago, IL

I have been in search of a deeper meditation practice. A day of White Tantric Yoga, with the collective energy of the group gathered, provided a powerful environment wherein it was easy for me to allow my soul to be the leader of my mind and body. I went through a wonderful experience of clearly seeing and releasing untruths that I have been carrying since childhood. The mantras and partners were especially powerful tools in enabling this release. It was a day filled with joy and freedom. The continuing of the meditation daily for 40 days, so far, has been beneficial as it continues to bring me deeper in this experience. I look very forward to going there every night. I can't wait for another day of White Tantric Yoga -it was a gift!
J.P. -Chicago, IL

Sat Nam, It has only been a few days after the White Tantric yoga. Everything about my life seems clearer. The kundalini energy is at a all time high when I do my sadhana. I can feel the potential of my existence. Everyone should experience this opportunity. God Bless,

It was such a beautiful experience -visually and internally as well. At the end, the facilitator urged us to let go of things during the last meditation -to take advantage of this final opportunity to let it go. I don't have any memory of what I let go of -the release must have been complete -and this week I feel very unburdened. I am hoping that this lasts and that these obstructions are truly gone...sadhana will help, I'm sure. Sat Nam -
P. S. -Chicago, IL

OK. Here goes. Ahem. The Chicago White Tantric was my seventeenth day of White Tantric in about a year and a half and my first time monitoring. Being on the edge of the energy was interesting---not really in it, but not outside it either (the energy field actually extends six miles----where would that go to?---the lake, someplace in Evanston, Lakeview? Western Ave.?) I could see how people paired off. Since I knew a lot of the attendees, I could see in faces and bodies and temperaments how pairs belonged together. I wouldn't have noticed it otherwise, but it was like a turn of the cylinder in a kaleidoscope---aha, there's the pattern. The movement of energy around and among the participants was like that, too---the connections among the ones laughing and among the ones crying. I only had to sit in once, and I was amazed at how deeply I was taken quickly. And doing the last 31-minute meditation with one of the other monitors was total bliss. We feel deeply into each other's eyes and held ! each other there with love, praying for ourselves and each other, for everyone there, holding each other up, connecting being to being and heart to heart, mirroring each other, a microcosm of humanity. That meditation stands out as one of the most profound I've experienced.
N.S.K -Chicago, IL

My tantric experience: I have been struggling with a lot of pain and physical congestion from my fibromyalgia which has been disabling now for about 2 months (difficult walking and turning my head, also sleeping problems). During the tantric, which was not my first experience, I had a great sense of victory in being able to hold the postures and maintain a steady energy in spite of the pain. It was truly a case of mind and spirit over matter. After tantric, I had and still am experiencing a feeling of clarity and fluidity in my tissues and joints. Normally, they feel encased in concrete. I have not had to wear my leg splints at night and have been able to walk without pain. Blessings
T.M.K. -Michigan

Sat Nam ! I feel such a beautiful reconnection to to who I truly am, the white tantric work is angelic. thank you for leading me back to the garden.

Well beyond words...infinite is my thanks for organizing the white tantric event. It was my first experience and of course arrived just at the moment I was ready for a dimensional shift! I am blissfully happy, the sweet, all loving power of unconditional love truly does move mountains! The combination of overflowing love from Yogi Bhajan, the legions of angels and earth angels so gracefully draped in flowing white had me truly in another realm... I still am not sure whether my feet are touching the ground! I live in the suburbs but would most definitely love to attend any other day long workshops that spirit rising will offer in the future... if I'm lucky I'll make it to New Mexico soon! In light and love.

It was a remarkable experience. I actually experienced a beautiful trance like state that was so comforting. My wife and I also experienced a wonderful connection to each other. Thank You.