Kundalini Yoga in the Loop 

(312) 922-4699 - Fine Arts Building - 410 S Michigan Ave
Suite 514 - Chicago, IL 60605 - info@shaktakaur.com

Monitor Information - White Tantric Yoga® Chicago

Thank You!  

... for offering a vital service to support White Tantric Yoga (WTY) Chicago.

Monitors must first make arrangements with Shiva Singh.  Call:  773.975.9754 or email info@spiritrisingfoundation.com

After agreeing to the terms of monitoring, then return here to register.  Monitors pay a registration fee.  Two options exist:

(1)  Full Day monitor, includes lunch $52.
(2)  Half Day monitor, no lunch $25.

You can mail a check to...

Kundalini Yoga in the Loop
410 S Michigan Ave Suite 514
Chicago, IL  60605

... or pay by credit card here:

Full Day

Half Day

A WTY Monitor must:

-Have attended at least 1 WTY course.

-Wear white.

-Communicate non-verbally, if possible.

-Walk up and down lines to check and correct posture during the first 10 minutes of a kriya.

-Never directly touch the spinal column or head of a participant.

-Once participants are in meditation it is up to them to keep up. A monitor can help them as long as it doesn't disturb the meditation.

-Be the eyes and ears of facilitator to see if there is anything unusual happening as the facilitator cannot always see each person.

-Focus on the participants, do not have hands in the mudra that the participants are doing or chant the mantra.

-Monitors need to develop a system so each does not have to be up-and-down the whole day.